Treasury management built for commercial real estate

    Arpari for CRE owners

    Consolidate your portfolio banking, streamline financial operations, and forecast cash positioning from a single platform

    Arpari for CRE lenders

    Seamlessly open and manage DACA accounts for your loan portfolio and provide your borrowers with access to the Arpari platform for free

    PMS & accounting

    bank connections


    Advanced analytics
    & reporting

    Commercial real estate finance, centralized

    Leave behind disjointed and siloed systems. Consolidate your banking and bring all your treasury workflows under one roof, enabling you to move with speed and accuracy

    FDIC-insured accounts

    Instantly open high-yield, FDIC-insured bank accounts in-platform. No fees

    Account consolidation

    Consolidate complex account structures and gain real time visibility across your portfolio

    Financial operations

    Manage payments and payables, analyze transactions, and optimize cash levels

    Designed for commercial real estate

    Manage finances the way you think about your portfolio. We enable you to easily organize and consolidate your accounts by property, portfolio, or account type


    Customer support by phone and email available 24/7, 365


    We utilize best-in-class security protocols platform-wide, including full encryption of data


    We integrate with your existing property management and accounting systems

    Why use the Arpari platform


    Improve cash flow

    Our analytics enable you better optimize cash flow across your portfolio & proactively address surpluses or deficits that you'd otherwise miss


    Informed decisions

    With access to real-time banking data, enhanced analysis and reporting, you can make data-driven decisions about how to manage your liquidity


    Reduce risk

    By automating financial processes, our platform reduces mistakes & helps ensure you maintain adequate cash across your accounts


    Save time & effort

    Forget working across multiple bank dashboards, we provide a single reference point for your portfolio's finances


    Enable collaboration

    Improve communication and work more efficiently by inviting colleagues & trusted third parties to work from the same dashboard


    Reduce complexity

    Easily manage your portfolio's complex account structures by organizing accounts into properties, portfolios, funds, or by type

    Open FDIC-insured bank accounts in-platform

    Segregate funds

    Easily designate your property's security deposit and reserve accounts. Instantly open as many as you need

    Earn yield

    Monetize your balances held on the Arpari platform, including on security deposits. Funds fully liquid

    Multiple entities

    Access all your accounts in one-place- our platform is built to accommodate complex ownership structures

    No fees

    Transfer funds via ACH or wire, completely free. Plus, utilize our software for free with a funded account

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    Take the first step to streamlining your financial operations by scheduling a demonstration of the Arpari platform.

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