Treasury software built for complex account structures

Arpari securely connects with your banks to give you a 360° view of transaction and balance data across all accounts. Save hours per week and work with greater accuracy by managing all your cash within a single platform.

Meet your comprehensive cash management system

Arpari is the system of record trusted by high performing treasury and finance teams.  

Understand Liquidity

With a centralized view of your liquidity, the Arpari platform enables you to identify cash positioning in real-time across your business and address problems quickly.

Keep Organized

Improve accuracy with the ability to organize accounts into folders and sub-folders, and define account type — no more spreadsheets to keep track.

Simplify Reporting

Make month and quarter-end reporting a breeze with fully exportable balance and transaction data combined with the ability to reconcile in-platform.

Analyze Transactions

Enhance transactions with important metadata such as client names, general ledger code or investment name. Easily filter by metadata fields, entity name, or any other characteristic.

Actionable Insights

Arpari presents complex financial data in an easy-to-consume way. Drill down into sources & uses of cash within seconds and take action where needed.