Arpari is built for professional services

Forget chasing clients for simple transaction information — Arpari securely connects to your client's banks, granting you real-time, read-only access to their balances, transactions and statements so you can do your job more efficiently

Your client's banking data, aggregated

A single platform to securely access your client's real-time transaction and balance data

Organize by client

Assign accounts to client profiles, group clients and benefit from a centralized system of record for your treasury operations

Understand in real-time

API-based connectivity provides real-time data feeds, giving you up-to-date information at all times

Analyze transactions

Enhance transactions with asset-specific metadata, enabling you to drill-down into transactions with the detail you need

Save hours per week

Move away from endless emails requesting last month's bank statements

Easy aggregation

Arpari consolidates banking data across all banks into a centralized repository. Invite your client to the dashboard to begin instant data sharing

Collaborate effectively

Give your full team access to the Arpari platform with confidence — all bank connections are read-only and all actions on the platform are logged for compliance